Natural Language with Tweetflows – Creating natural sentences from Tweetflows

Mobile social mashup creation – for what

Next to the blog from Martin which specifies a concrete usecase, I want to show what it is good for from a more abstact view. The first question I asked myself was, what for is a Mobile social mashup creation good. What can be done with it, what you can’t do with other systems. Where [...]

Android Screencast

As I want to take some screen shots and screen casts of my Android app I was searching for an appropriate tool for doing this. The ShootMe Screen Grabber seems good to me, only the frame rate of the captured video could be a bit higher. Another tool I found is the desktop application androidscreencast [...]

SAC Paper – Application Scenario Thoughts – Contextualizing the creation of Tweetflows

SAC Paper Ingredients – personalized mobile workflows in the crowd: key issues and initial thoughts

Early Discussions and Brainstorming – Thinking of application scenarios for Tweetflows.

Public Paper Writing Discussions – public paper writing and some of its implications

Public Paper Writing Process Details – How to actually write a scientific paper in the “wild”?

Tracing the Scientific Paper Writing Process – Covering Public Paper Writing in greater detail. It’s going to be an interesting ikangai experiment ;-)

Public Paper Writing – An experiment with Public Paper Writing: my next paper on cloud computing will be written on this blog.