WAQL-PP 0.1 released

With this post I am proud to announce the first release of WAQL-PP, a WAQL Preprocessor for Java I was working on for the last two weeks. In one of the former posts I described the motivation behind this little project and how I planned to implement it. I’m rather satisfied with the result, so [...]

WAQL-PP: Preprocessor for a Data Aggregation Query Language

This week I started to design and implement a preprocessor for the Web-service Aggregation Query Language (WAQL) which is an extension of XQuery. This language is used as part of the WS-Aggregation framework developed at the Distributed Systems Group of the Vienna University of Technology. With this text I want to explain the motivation behind [...]

Preprocessor for a Data Aggregation Query Language

A Web data aggregation platform which is currently developed at our institute uses a specialized query language (WAQL) to retrieve data from documents and services on the Web. The language is based on XQuery, and provides a set of additional features and language constructs that are useful in the context of Web data aggregation. The [...]