Web services, things you should know – Part 4

This time I will present you the architecture of the Web serviice I deployed some weeks earlier using PHP and Zend Framework. I will not describe the whole architecture of the Zend Framework but of the application I wrote and give you an insight to create Web services with the Zend Framework. First of all [...]

Web services, things you should know – Part 3

During the last weeks I finished the service and it’s already online. A common requirement of projects are due-dates with a very short timeline. Another common side-effect is when such a project has been finished, no-one uses it. What are the reasons for putting developers under pressure to finish projects early when afterwards no-one will [...]

Tweedater: How to use

The first step to a successful use of Tweedater is the creation of the XML file that contains the information of the Doodle Poll in the following format: You have to upload the XML file to make it available. An example tool for the creation of Web resources can be found here. After the creation [...]

Doodle & Twitter: Tweedater Part 2

In this blog I want to write more detailed about oAuth and my problems with it. Defined on their homepage there is written: „An open protocol to allow secure API authorization in a simple and standard method from desktop and web applications.” Well I have to admit it is a nice concept and it work’s [...]

Doodle & Twitter: Tweedater Part 1

I have worked as a software developer for some years now and the main technologies I’ve used are located in the Microsoft world. I have started with classic ASP and wrote, together with 2 friends, a framework which tried to port the features of .net to the old-school Asp. I have also good knowledge of [...]

Implementing a QR Code Reader as Firefox Extension Part 4

This is the next update of my work from the past few days. Did you already look forward to it? Well, hopefully you are going to be satisfied with my last blog entry (or at I least my intended last one). I started to work on the functionality to parse different formats to interact with [...]

Implementing a QR Code Reader as Firefox Extension Part 3

Hi there, once again it’s about time for an update on my work with the Firefox QR Code Reader Plugin. I did some research on how the syntax of actionscript3 looks like and with that information I started with the adaptation for my own QR Code Reader. After some implementation and testing, I successfully implemented [...]

Web services, things you should know – Part 2

Last time I talked about the “why and what”. This time I will talk about the “how”. As mentioned in the first part, the service is written in PHP 5.3 using SOAP 1.1. Defining the data Every correct Web service implementing the SOAP standard needs a WSDL (Web Service Definition Language). There are many ways [...]

Web services, things you should know

This is part of my Praktikum which I do in cooperation with the company I’m working for. One of their core competences is the development and maintenance of web-based software products. The “Heizungs-Datenbank” is one of these products which I am involved with. In the upcoming posts I will talk about the work I’m doing [...]

Twitter Communication Primitives

Using Twitter for project communication – http://www.ikangai.com/blog/university/twitter-communication-primitives