How to write a Blog entry?

Writing a blog entry is actually quite simple: just write what you think is interesting and/or important about your Bachelor/Master Thesis or your Praktikum. This includes things like code snippets, useful links (with explanations) to resources or design decisions (e.g., why a client server system instead of a p2p system).

The first entry

The first blog entry is typically the most tricky one. This is known as the students fear of the white page (TSFOTWP). If you ever experience TSFOTWP, don’t panic. The solution is right before you – just start with something like this:

The definition of Web Services implies the use of SOAP. While this is well adopted practice, the work I’m going to do in this [insert type], focuses on a different technique. We overcome limitations of the SOAP stack with the use of a novel concentration technique, called mind melt, which is a popular method on Vulcan and previously unused for Web Services.

You can even embed a video to state your point:

Embedding Code Snippets

Thanks to the power of WordPress plugins, code snippets can be embeeded quite easily with a dedicated code tag. The code tag produces nice code that can be easily copied by others to make reuse easier :-) .

for (int i=0;i<10;i++) {

Additional information for the use of the plugin can be found here.

Links? Links! Links!Rechts??*

Don’t forget to add links to your posts. It’s not very difficult to do. It makes your posts more interesting for the readers and helps to position your contribution. And at the same time, you start to dig into related work. Now that’s what I call a win-win situation :-) .

Embedding Vidoes and Pictures

They say, a picture is worth a thousands words. Well this might not be always the case, but images and videos can’t hurt if you put them into the blog.

How many Blog entries do I have to write?

This depends on your advisor and the kind of work you do. For a Praktikum, we expect you to write 4-5 entries, for a Bachelor Thesis more (6-8). As a rule of thumb: the more blog entries you write, the better :-) . This is of course no invitation to write just anything – or to artificially distribute your content to as many entries as possible.

Video, what Video?

If you have finished your work, we’d love to see your work in action. Since the presentation usually goes wrong, you can (should) prepare a video of your work. We’ll put your video onto our Youtube channel.

What about the Bachelor Thesis? Must I still write one after all this Blogging?

Unfortunately, yes! However, you can reuse part of your material from the Blog.

How do I get an account?

It’s simple: just ask your advisor.

*a cheap gag for german speaking students.

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