Martin Treiber

General Information

I graduated from Vienna Technical University in 2005 with Diplom-Ingenieur (in newspeak: Master of Science). I am currently a PhD student at the Distributed Systems Group, Information Systems Institute, Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) where I was working in the network of excellence project S-Cube from 2008 until 2011.
Nowadays I’m busy with my company IKANGAI solutions developing iPhone and iPAD apps along with blogging on mostly scientific topics on my blog.


  • Service Oriented Architectures and Services in general
  • Social computing in the context of Service Oriented Architectures
  • Services on Mobile Devices
  • Crowdsourcing

Professional Experience

I’m a freelancer since 1997 and was working for Siemens (1997/8) and Wisur (1999-2008). During my time at Wisur, I was involved in OSIRIS, an ITEA project. In 2009, Christian Scherling and I started a company called IKANGAI solutions which builds iPhone Apps.
From 2008 until 2011 I was working in the network of excellence project S-Cube.


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