QR Code Chrome Extension

The project was finalized with the publication of the youtube video that shows the chrome plugin in action. You can also download the plugin directly from here and play with it yourself. In the (near ) future, we plan to use the tool in the combination with Twitter. We want to find out, if this [...]

PR QR Barcode Extension for Google Chrome #5

I have created a UML Class diagram, for better understanding on how the QR Barcode Extension works. PopupController: All actions provided by the browser action popup of the extension (Detail view, Options, QR from URL, Microformats) are processed by the functions of this class. DetailViewController: Generates the content of the detail view page of the [...]

PR QR Barcode Extensions for Google Chrome #4

Microformats are finally recognized by the extension. Now there is an additional button in the browser action popup which enables the user to scan the page for embedded Microformats. As one can see in the screenshot below, after scanning the page for embedded Microformats a popup shows up, displaying hCards and hCalendars embedded into the [...]

PR QR Barcode Extension for Google Chrome #3

On Saturday I sent a first usable version of my Chrome extension to my supervisor for reviewing. The feedback included some hints for usability improvements and how to deal with q.:-Code in the extension. Now, after creating a QR code, a little popup window appears containing the QR code and two radio buttons allowing the [...]

PR QR Barcode Extension for Google Chrome #2

After playing around with JavaScript and the API’s Chrome provides it became clear to me that I have to rethink the extension’s UI. Initially I wanted an extension icon in the browser tab, giving the user the ability to change QR code’s properties, to save the QR code image to local disk etc (see screenshot in [...]

PR QR Barcode Extension for Google Chrome #1

Hello everyone! My name is Fritz and my task for this Praktikum is to write an QR Barcode extension for Google’s Chrome Browser. The extension should give the user the ability to create QR Barcodes for various web page content, including URLs (video, image, mailto etc.), selected text and Microformats. First off I set up [...]