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Student Workshop on Crowd Sourcing – Free Workshop for Students

Tweetflows – A lightweight, crowd-sourced workflow language on Twitter

Tweetflow Syntax Considerations –

Tweetazoid – has a new (physical) home

Tweetazoid up and running –

Crowdlearning with Students

Crowdsourcing in the context of teaching at university – let students learn from each other –

Status Net Based Tweetflow Engine

The control of the execution of Tweetflows requires a centralized point of control. The goal of the Praktikum is to implement a Plugin for StatusNet which supports the monitoring of the execution of the Tweetflow and management of Tweetflow variables. Tweetflow variables should be created by Tweeting a definition like this: Access to the Tweetflow [...]

Tweetazoid @ Youtube

Tweetazoid is finsihed – the last step was the creation of a Youtube video that shows how the prototype works:

Tweetazoid – triggers

Make the bunny speak – using Tweets to control a physical pet.

Tweetazoid – hosted in my hallway

Since my last post I fixed some bugs. In particular I was working on the following issues: Applying regular expression search Removing users and groups Getting tweets of mutli-selection items without wasting api calls Tweet loading status display Since I don’t have a server at the moment (I would need a vServer) and it’s really [...]

Tweetazoid – functional prototype

It’s born ! Still has some bugs, but it already provides basic functionality: add groups and users to a tree view users will be checked for existence on twitter before added to the tree the tree’s data will be persisted to a mysql database display tweets of users or a group(sub)tree filter tweets with regular [...]