Shopper app #5 – server side overview

Welcome, to the 5th posting about the shopper app. This time, we will take a little look at the server side implentation of the Restful Services which are running inside the google app engine. At the time the serverside code is structured into six packages: com.bernwarmuth.shopper; com.berndwarmuth.shlpper.jdo; com.berndwarmuth.shopper.jdo.entities;;; com.berndwarmuth.shopper.utils; The com.berndwarmuith.shopper.jdo.entities package is [...]

Purchase Management System – Data model

Hello, and Welcome to the third episode of the pms crime-thriller As promised, today we will discribe and discuss the main data model design and maybe take a first look at Google App Engine especially its support for persistency. Figure 1 shows the main datamodel of the backend of PMS. What we see are four main [...]

Purchase Management System (PMS) – Architecture and Tools

Hello and Welcome to my second post! In this post it is time to take a closer look and think about the architecture of pms and what tools to use for implementing this project. In my first post i gave you a quick overview of the main idea of this project and how the architecture [...]

Purchase Management System (Praktikum/Bakkarbeit)

Hi my name is bernd, I am a student of Software Engineering and i will explain my idea of a bakk thesis / praktikum on which i am working for the next summer months. The idea is about to develop a distributed system which brings the opportunity to manage, and document purchases in a group, [...]