Hi and welcome to my new post! Since my last post I implemented the main app as entry point for self-made services and the babysitter service in a way I thought it could be useful and enrich the user experience. I designed the service to have two seperate interfaces, one for users who want to [...]

HpS on facebook marketplaces part 6

Hello and welcome to my 6th post already in this blog. Last time I made my way to package and deploy my web service by calling a page on the server. Now I built a service client for the web service and made the service have access to a database. Developing the web-service First of [...]

HpS on Facebook Marketplaces – Update

Since I wanted to dive more deeply into the axis2 framework I bought the book “Java Web Services mit Apache Axis2″ (which I should have done much earlier!). It helped me understand some things I didn’t really get so far. For example the manual deployment of a service into axis2 is really easy: provide the [...]

HpS on Facebook Marketplaces #4

Here I am again. After a long way I’ve got a much better understanding of what I should actually accomplish though there are still doubts. Either way I’m determined to remove all of them . I like drawing so I made a little overview of the whole architecture and the interactions in my project for [...]

HPS on Facebook Marketplaces

Integration of Human Provided Services on Facebook Marketplaces