Accessing twitter-like services via OAuth

After playing around with the twitter4j library to get it to work with my own network configuration (e.g. mentioned in an earlier post I ended up in searching for another solution, as twitter4j cost me already too much time. After some research I found a great “tutorial” on, where the REST API is [...]

Distributed Clipboard in Action

The work on the distributed clipboard is finished. You can boldly download the tool and try it for yourself. Or you can take a look at the video first and then download the latest build and give it a try.

Local Twitter registry to parse and register Tweetflows

Hey there, here is my first blog entry for a new practical course at the Distributed Systems Group. My project is about Twitter, with the main purpose to find an intelligent way to realize an artificial word-to-mouth propaganda with Tweetflows on Twitter. To illustrate the idea, let us assume that I am searching for someone [...]

Distributed Clipboard – Released

After the version goals of 0.0.4 have been reached, I knew that the invested time wasn’t wasted. In my opinion the GUI looks gorgeous and it’s probably the best I’ve ever (both) designed and implemented. Here is a screenshot of the first version 0.0.4 build: Alot changed as you can see. I redesigned the whole [...]

Shopper App | Show Purchases #12

A lot of techniques and principles comes together when it comes to load the current purchases from the webservice, display it in a user-friendly way on the smartphone and provide a navigation like ‘pagination’. On this screen the user has  the possibility to display the current purchases and the items of each purchase. Moreover the [...]

Shopper App | local storage (SQLite) #11

Hello, Shopper app does not have many data which could be stored in a local database, because it gets most of the data from our webservices. I make use of the android built-in SQLite database for one purpose. Many items are going to be reused, respectively, you can imagine that for instance a member of [...]

Shopper App, Hello Android #6

Welcome, to the 6th posting. The serverside implementation isn’t really finished at all but now it’s time to begin with the android client I will finish those things which are missing on the serverside when it is needed. ANDROID I will develop and test my application on a Samsung Galaxy S. If needed one could [...]

Shopper app #5 – server side overview

Welcome, to the 5th posting about the shopper app. This time, we will take a little look at the server side implentation of the Restful Services which are running inside the google app engine. At the time the serverside code is structured into six packages: com.bernwarmuth.shopper; com.berndwarmuth.shlpper.jdo; com.berndwarmuth.shopper.jdo.entities;;; com.berndwarmuth.shopper.utils; The com.berndwarmuith.shopper.jdo.entities package is [...]