Running Linux on an iPhone – Running Linux on an iPhone without Jailbreaking your iPhone – a bit awkward, but it works :-)

Distributed Clipboard – GUI

The version increment from 0.0.2 to 0.0.3 brought alot new to the DistributedClipboard project. The earlier version of the GUI looked alot like an IM software. Altough it was a very early prototype it already showed tendencies in this direction. In the meantime, Martin sent me a GUI-study document describing a different and more exotic [...]

Distributed Clipboard – Communication

Jmdns turned out not to be the mdns implementation to use. I tried a very early version (1.0) and version 3.4. The interfaces didn’t change and and the update was easy, just one constructor has been interchanged with a static factory method. But both versions showed bugs and unexpected behaviour. 3.4 is better but still [...]

Implementing a QR Code Reader as Firefox Extension Part 4

This is the next update of my work from the past few days. Did you already look forward to it? Well, hopefully you are going to be satisfied with my last blog entry (or at I least my intended last one). I started to work on the functionality to parse different formats to interact with [...]

Implementing a QR Code Reader as Firefox Extension Part 3

Hi there, once again it’s about time for an update on my work with the Firefox QR Code Reader Plugin. I did some research on how the syntax of actionscript3 looks like and with that information I started with the adaptation for my own QR Code Reader. After some implementation and testing, I successfully implemented [...]

Distributed Clipboard – kicked off

I started working on my second practical course, the distributed clipboard. Here is the project description. I started by creating a small firefox plugin which uses java classes but I couldn’t get it to work. I thought about the firefox plugin idea again and realized that it would be much more comfortable to have it [...]

Facebook Integration of Web Services

The Facebook App has been finalized and can be downloaded from here. If you want to see the App in Action, check out the youtube video on our youtube channel:

Abschlussarbeit Video

Zum Abschluss soll noch ein Video über die FB-Applikation erstellt werden. Um den Desktop aufzuzeichnen habe ich folgende Software bentutzt: RenderSoft CamStudio(OpenSource) Ein prima einfaches Tool, dass man intuitiv verwenden kann. Einarbeitungszeit nur wenige Minuten… Um das Video zu bearbeiten habe ich Adobe Premiere benutzt. Einarbeitungszeit ohne Vorkenntnisse können dann schon einige Stunden vergehen… Das [...]

Implementing a QR Code Reader as Firefox Extension Part 2

Hi, it’s me again with an update of my work. In my last entry I forgot to mention that I am using Spket IDE to edit my Mozilla Firefox Plugin files. Furthermore, I use flashdevelop and the free Flex 4.1 SDK for editing the Actionscript3 files. My next step is to make [...]

Friendslist Msg Facebook

Nach der letzten Besprechung soll noch eine “Massennachricht-Funktion” in die Facebook Applikation hinzufügt werden. Neben dem Nachrichtenaustausch zwischen zwei Usern, soll dies auch zwischen mehreren ausgewählten Personen funktionieren. Über eine eigene Schnittstelle von Facebook kann man die Friendslist jeden Users abfragen. Auf der Webseite findet man auch seitlich die anderen Tables, falls man noch [...]