Shopper App | Show Purchases #12

A lot of techniques and principles comes together when it comes to load the current purchases from the webservice, display it in a user-friendly way on the smartphone and provide a navigation like ‘pagination’. On this screen the user has  the possibility to display the current purchases and the items of each purchase. Moreover the [...]

Shopper App | local storage (SQLite) #11

Hello, Shopper app does not have many data which could be stored in a local database, because it gets most of the data from our webservices. I make use of the android built-in SQLite database for one purpose. Many items are going to be reused, respectively, you can imagine that for instance a member of [...]

Shopper app | CustomArrayAdapter in SelectParticipants-Activity #10

Hello, welcome to the next post. Today, I going to discuss how to use dialog boxes on the Android platform. As shown on the screen below, a user can select participants of his group which should be assigned to the current purchase. This is a typical example of user feedback where users can make choices [...]

Android Shopper app, next steps #9

Welcome, Time passes by and the android client’s getting bigger This post is about a few changes and new implemented functionalities on the shopper clientside. Creating a group When a user wants to create a group, which other members can join there is a need for an “authentication” so that not everyone can join a [...]

Stony ground on the Google App Engine, Shopper app #8

Hello A couple of days ago, I tried to deploy the GAE webapplication to the google appspot. What hat happened? Well… Nothing While the webservice-applciation works fine on my local machine nothing seemed to run on the GAE appspot. Hmm not so cool Trying to find the error, and fix it costed me a lot [...]

Shopper App [Update], Backgroundtasks, Services, AsyncTasks #7

Hello, This will be just a short post in order to discuss background tasks on android. In my last post, when i showed you the code which is responsible for creating a new groupname on the shopper server, i said that this is just a little task which should not be much timeconsuming, so that [...]

Shopper App, Hello Android #6

Welcome, to the 6th posting. The serverside implementation isn’t really finished at all but now it’s time to begin with the android client I will finish those things which are missing on the serverside when it is needed. ANDROID I will develop and test my application on a Samsung Galaxy S. If needed one could [...]

Shopper app #5 – server side overview

Welcome, to the 5th posting about the shopper app. This time, we will take a little look at the server side implentation of the Restful Services which are running inside the google app engine. At the time the serverside code is structured into six packages: com.bernwarmuth.shopper; com.berndwarmuth.shlpper.jdo; com.berndwarmuth.shopper.jdo.entities;;; com.berndwarmuth.shopper.utils; The com.berndwarmuith.shopper.jdo.entities package is [...]

Purchase Management System (Shopper ;-]) , Update

Welcome, to the fourth post. This posting contains a chunk of modifications and decissions i made in the past days. First of all i recognized that “Purchase Management System” is a pretty crappy name for this application, so I thought of a new name which should sound simple and easy. Because imo the name isn’t [...]

Purchase Management System – Data model

Hello, and Welcome to the third episode of the pms crime-thriller As promised, today we will discribe and discuss the main data model design and maybe take a first look at Google App Engine especially its support for persistency. Figure 1 shows the main datamodel of the backend of PMS. What we see are four main [...]