Extending Restful Services

Restful service implementations are a lightweight alternative to Service that implement the SOAP stack. The former use CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations on resources. However, the mapping between Service operations to GET, POST, PUT, DELETE is not always clear. In particular, idempotent operations (e.g., calculating the square root of a value) are not well [...]

Purchase Management System (Shopper ;-]) , Update

Welcome, to the fourth post. This posting contains a chunk of modifications and decissions i made in the past days. First of all i recognized that “Purchase Management System” is a pretty crappy name for this application, so I thought of a new name which should sound simple and easy. Because imo the name isn’t [...]

Purchase Management System (PMS) – Architecture and Tools

Hello and Welcome to my second post! In this post it is time to take a closer look and think about the architecture of pms and what tools to use for implementing this project. In my first post i gave you a quick overview of the main idea of this project and how the architecture [...]

Purchase Management System (Praktikum/Bakkarbeit)

Hi my name is bernd, I am a student of Software Engineering and i will explain my idea of a bakk thesis / praktikum on which i am working for the next summer months. The idea is about to develop a distributed system which brings the opportunity to manage, and document purchases in a group, [...]