Where are the Services? Solving the mystery of undiscoverable Services

Finding Web Services all over the Internet – http://www.ikangai.com/blog/science/where-are-the-services-solving-the-mystery-of-undiscoverable-services

q·.:launcher Registry

http://www.ikangai.com/blog/software/q·-launcher-registry – q·.:launcher registry concepts

Presenting Tweetflows

Quick overview of Tweetflows in the (service) crowd – http://www.ikangai.com/blog/software/presenting-tweetflows


Hi and welcome to my new post! Since my last post I implemented the main app as entry point for self-made services and the babysitter service in a way I thought it could be useful and enrich the user experience. I designed the service to have two seperate interfaces, one for users who want to [...]

Shopper App [Update], Backgroundtasks, Services, AsyncTasks #7

Hello, This will be just a short post in order to discuss background tasks on android. In my last post, when i showed you the code which is responsible for creating a new groupname on the shopper server, i said that this is just a little task which should not be much timeconsuming, so that [...]

HPS on Facebook Marketplaces

Integration of Human Provided Services on Facebook Marketplaces