Where are the Services? Solving the mystery of undiscoverable Services

Finding Web Services all over the Internet – http://www.ikangai.com/blog/science/where-are-the-services-solving-the-mystery-of-undiscoverable-services

SOA principles in mobile Apps

http://www.ikangai.com/blog/science/soa-principles-in-mobile-apps SOA on mobile devices

Presenting Tweetflows

Quick overview of Tweetflows in the (service) crowd – http://www.ikangai.com/blog/software/presenting-tweetflows

ICSE 2011 Stunt

ICSE 2011 stunt gone wrong – http://www.ikangai.com/blog/development/icse-2011-stunt

Twitter Communication Primitives

Using Twitter for project communication – http://www.ikangai.com/blog/university/twitter-communication-primitives

Writing Scientific Papers

Successful ICSE 2011 paper submission of ikangai :-) . Our Apps q·.:Launcher and q·.:Card are now part of a scientific paper :-) .

HPS on Facebook Marketplaces

Integration of Human Provided Services on Facebook Marketplaces

Genesis2 Web Service Generator

The goal of the Praktikum is to generate a Genesis2 Web Service testbed using the QWS dataset that contains 2507 Web service descriptions and QoS values (response time, availability). Using this data, Genesis2 services should be generated that mimic the behavior of the actual Web service by using Genesis2 QoS plugins. Tools to use: Java, [...]

Genesis2 Report Generator

Online Report Generator for the Genesis 2 Web Service testbed framework using the Google Chart API.