StatusNetAndroid Screen Cast

Some months ago I started with my “Praktikum” named StatusNetAndroid. Therefore I had to get familiarized with Android App development and the RESTful-APIs of twitter respectively twitter-like services (,, There are lots of tutorials and code snippets out there, but the tiny parts to glue them all together can cost you hours But [...]

Quick Start With StatusNet

In this blog entry I want to talk about the StatusNet server and how you can write plugins for it. In my practical work for the DSG I used StatusNet to write a basic Tweetflow Engine (specification) which handles variables and offers a restful interface. StatusNet is an open source application written in PHP which [...]

Applying custom configurations to twitter4j

I first made use of the ConfigurationBuilder, which looked quite obvious to me to apply new configuration values. These values are used by the twitter instance as expected, but when creating the RequestToken still the default twitter URL was created, as the configuration of the ConfigurationBuilder wasn’t propagated. After searching a while I found out [...]

Parsing XML resources on Android

As I already wrote in the previous post, I’m using the twitter4j library to connect to microblogging services like twitter. It’s shipped with a default configuration for the twitter network. The first tests, like sending and querying tweets, I performed while connected to the twitter network, which worked fine. Then I started to setup the [...]


As I’m doing my Projektpraktikum and the Bachelor thesis here at the DSG I’ll give you an introduction about the topic. In short, I’ll create an Android App which receives Tweets from a StatusNet server, which is an open-source Twitter server, and provides means to filter them regarding to a user defined pattern. The server [...]