Tweetflows @ WWW

WWW – Paper rejected:

Tweetazoid – has a new (physical) home

Tweetazoid up and running –

Code Snippet of the Week: Writing a simple Twitter iPhone Client

Simple iPhone Twitter Client Source Code –

Crowdlearning with Students

Crowdsourcing in the context of teaching at university – let students learn from each other –

Status Net Based Tweetflow Engine

The control of the execution of Tweetflows requires a centralized point of control. The goal of the Praktikum is to implement a Plugin for StatusNet which supports the monitoring of the execution of the Tweetflow and management of Tweetflow variables. Tweetflow variables should be created by Tweeting a definition like this: Access to the Tweetflow [...]

Tweetazoid @ Youtube

Tweetazoid is finsihed – the last step was the creation of a Youtube video that shows how the prototype works:

Lightweight Service Invocation using Twitter

Lightweight Service Invocation over Twitter can provide benefits through reuse of existing social structures and crowdsourcing opportunities. This article describes an example scenario and the corresponding tweetflow primitives that could be used to control publication, binding, search, invocation, coordination and monitoring of computer-provided as well as human-provided services.

Tweetazoid – triggers

Make the bunny speak – using Tweets to control a physical pet.

Presenting Tweetflows

Quick overview of Tweetflows in the (service) crowd –

Tweetazoid – hosted in my hallway

Since my last post I fixed some bugs. In particular I was working on the following issues: Applying regular expression search Removing users and groups Getting tweets of mutli-selection items without wasting api calls Tweet loading status display Since I don’t have a server at the moment (I would need a vServer) and it’s really [...]