Making Twitter Secure – encrypting Tweets with private/public key systems

Context and Tweetflows – Integrating context into Tweetflows with Namespaces

Q and A – ? and ! – Questions and Answers in Tweetflows. How “!” and “?” can be used for Service publication and Service requests.

+1 – adopting Google’s +1 for Tweetflows –

Paper Review – SOCA Journal

Reviews for our latest paper Mobility-enhanced Collaborations in Service-oriented Crowdsourcing with Tweetflows just came in. We need to rework it, but it appears that our idea was interesting enough to awake the interest of the reviewers: All reviewers think the paper presents interesting ideas. However, they also have significant concerns about the maturity of the [...]

Creating contextualized mobile workflows – A short discussion on context in the context of mobile workflows

Application Scenario – Public Paper Writing Part 2 – We introduce the application scenario.

SAC Paper – Introduction – Creating ad hoc and personal Service compositions in a mobile context.

Natural Language with Tweetflows – Creating natural sentences from Tweetflows

StatusNetAndroid Screen Cast

Some months ago I started with my “Praktikum” named StatusNetAndroid. Therefore I had to get familiarized with Android App development and the RESTful-APIs of twitter respectively twitter-like services (,, There are lots of tutorials and code snippets out there, but the tiny parts to glue them all together can cost you hours But [...]