Tweetazoid – has a new (physical) home

Tweetazoid up and running –

Tweetazoid @ Youtube

Tweetazoid is finsihed – the last step was the creation of a Youtube video that shows how the prototype works:

Tweetazoid – triggers

Make the bunny speak – using Tweets to control a physical pet.

Tweetazoid – hosted in my hallway

Since my last post I fixed some bugs. In particular I was working on the following issues: Applying regular expression search Removing users and groups Getting tweets of mutli-selection items without wasting api calls Tweet loading status display Since I don’t have a server at the moment (I would need a vServer) and it’s really [...]

Tweetazoid – functional prototype

It’s born ! Still has some bugs, but it already provides basic functionality: add groups and users to a tree view users will be checked for existence on twitter before added to the tree the tree’s data will be persisted to a mysql database display tweets of users or a group(sub)tree filter tweets with regular [...]

Twitter Client with Filter and Parser Functionality – Part 2

Since everyone is writing in english on this blog, I’ ll do the same and from now on. In the Meeting of 18.10.2010 we discussed the following functionality/requirements: Grouping of  Twitter users Showing the Tweets of groups Filtering of Tweets with regular expressions Creation of webservice-triggers Execution of triggers Last but not least (already discussed [...]

Twitter Client with Filter and Parser Functionality – Part 1

Von A wie AJAX bis X wie XPath. 2 Wochen sind bereits vergangen seit dem ersten Treffen bezüglich des Praktikums. Neben lernen für die DST Prüfung, Job und diversen Freizeitaktivitäten habe ich es mir nicht nehmen lassen in diverse Technologien (erneut/erstmals) reinzuschnuppern. Nach über 2 Jahren als Java Entwickler hatte ich fast vergessen wieviel Spaß [...]

Twitter Client with Filter and Parser Functionality

The goal of the Praktikum/Bachelor Thesis is to write a twitter client that supports the (1) organization of tweets into user defined channels (e.g., tweets of friends, work related tweets or news tweets) and (2) the parsing of tweets for hash tags to invoke local programs like mail, calendar or to invoke remote services. The [...]