Q and A – ? and !

http://www.ikangai.com/blog/science/1569 – Questions and Answers in Tweetflows. How “!” and “?” can be used for Service publication and Service requests.


http://www.ikangai.com/blog/science/1 – adopting Google’s +1 for Tweetflows – http://www.ikangai.com/blog/tweetflows-specification-version-1-0

Building a crowd sourced Service registry with Tweetflows

http://www.ikangai.com/blog/science/building-a-crowd-sourced-service-registry-with-tweetflows – How to use Twitter as Service registry

Tweetflows in Action

http://www.ikangai.com/blog/science/tweetflows-in-action – See how Tweetflows work

Structuring Tweetflows – Variables, Loops and Sequences

Variables, Loops and Sequences in Tweetflows – http://www.ikangai.com/blog/science/structuring-tweetflows-variables-loops-and-sequences

Tweetflow Logo

Tweetflow Logo – Request for Comments: http://www.ikangai.com/blog/software/tweetflow-logo

Tweetflow Paper

Tweetflows @ PESOS – http://www.ikangai.com/blog/software/tweetflow-paper

Twitter and Tweetflows in Action

We are experimenting with Tweetflows in a lecture setting with students. During the work on his/her project, students are invited to use Twitter for the communication with other students. This includes asking for related work, proofreading of blog entries or help on a particular coding problem. There is a public Twitter List which contains all [...]

Tweetflows @ WWW

WWW – Paper rejected: http://www.ikangai.com/blog/science/tweetflows-www

Code Snippet of the Week: Twitter Client with Follower List and Tweet Parser

Writing a Twitter Client for the iPhone – http://www.ikangai.com/blog/development/code-snippet-of-the-week-twitter-client-with-follower-list-and-tweet-parser