Embedding Micro Service Workflows in Web Content #5

Hello, I’ve managed to complete the plugin with all the described features (and some minor drawbacks) so this is gonna be my last post on this topic I guess. My last post was mainly about defining and assigning values to variables via the abbr-design-pattern. I also explained that only primitive variables can be defined this [...]

Embedding Micro Service Workflows in Web Content #4

Here we are again. Since my last post, which discussed the topic about default values resp. parameter binding for context orientation, I’ve spent time thinking about how ordinary variables can be introduced to make the workflow more flexible and easier to use for more complex stuff like building loops of web service invocations. It was [...]

Embedding Micro Service Workflows in Web Content #3

Hello again. Since my last post I managed to implement the feature “parameter binding for context orientation”. If this sounds gibberish to you, as it was for me when I’ve first heard it, I will explain it in detail. It’s actually a simple thing. Let’s say you don’t want to set certain types of input [...]

Embedding Micro Service Workflows in Web Content #2

Since my lab project is already finished by developing a prototype of a Firefox plugin which is able to execute micro service workflows in web content (which was briefly described in “my” previous post), I’ll extend the plugin within my bachelor project. Here you can see a simple example of an  instance of the current [...]

Firefox QR Barcode Plugin

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Embedding Micro Service Workflows in Web Content

Hier ein Beispiel eines Blog Eintrages: Die Grammatik zum Einbetten von Web Service Invocations als Mircoformat erkennt folgende Attribut Werte: – “entry” sagt aus, dass man die Invocation Instance von der Toolbar aus aufrufen kann. – “input” kennzeichnet, dass jetzt die unterschiedlichen Eingabevarianten kommen: – “static”: Werte stehen im HTML File – “user”: User kann [...]

Web Content Maps

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