GlassFish and MySQL, A Perfect Combination for Web Applications

This post is a summary of an article that discusses the use of MySQL and Glassfish in the context of Web Applications. Why MYSQL and Glassfish? They are fast, reliable, and easy to use. Both provide an excellent, low-cost solution for quickly developing and deploying web applications They are not only secure and reliable, but [...]


Well, at last I’ve had enough time to start blogging and I hope that I can continue this regularly. I was interested in difference between Appache CXF and AXIS. The following findings are the summary of my research on the Internet (Web pages and some blogs). Both, Axis and CXF are Open source and easy [...]

Extending Restful Services

Restful service implementations are a lightweight alternative to Service that implement the SOAP stack. The former use CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations on resources. However, the mapping between Service operations to GET, POST, PUT, DELETE is not always clear. In particular, idempotent operations (e.g., calculating the square root of a value) are not well [...]

Facebook Integration of Web Services

The Facebook App has been finalized and can be downloaded from here. If you want to see the App in Action, check out the youtube video on our youtube channel:

Embedding Micro Service Workflows in Web Content #5

Hello, I’ve managed to complete the plugin with all the described features (and some minor drawbacks) so this is gonna be my last post on this topic I guess. My last post was mainly about defining and assigning values to variables via the abbr-design-pattern. I also explained that only primitive variables can be defined this [...]

Embedding Micro Service Workflows in Web Content #2

Since my lab project is already finished by developing a prototype of a Firefox plugin which is able to execute micro service workflows in web content (which was briefly described in “my” previous post), I’ll extend the plugin within my bachelor project. Here you can see a simple example of an  instance of the current [...]