Shopper App, Hello Android #6

Welcome, to the 6th posting. The serverside implementation isn’t really finished at all but now it’s time to begin with the android client I will finish those things which are missing on the serverside when it is needed. ANDROID I will develop and test my application on a Samsung Galaxy S. If needed one could [...]

HpS on facebook marketplaces part 6

Hello and welcome to my 6th post already in this blog. Last time I made my way to package and deploy my web service by calling a page on the server. Now I built a service client for the web service and made the service have access to a database. Developing the web-service First of [...]

Embedding Micro Service Workflows in Web Content #4

Here we are again. Since my last post, which discussed the topic about default values resp. parameter binding for context orientation, I’ve spent time thinking about how ordinary variables can be introduced to make the workflow more flexible and easier to use for more complex stuff like building loops of web service invocations. It was [...]

HpS on Facebook Marketplaces #4

Here I am again. After a long way I’ve got a much better understanding of what I should actually accomplish though there are still doubts. Either way I’m determined to remove all of them . I like drawing so I made a little overview of the whole architecture and the interactions in my project for [...]

Embedding Micro Service Workflows in Web Content #3

Hello again. Since my last post I managed to implement the feature “parameter binding for context orientation”. If this sounds gibberish to you, as it was for me when I’ve first heard it, I will explain it in detail. It’s actually a simple thing. Let’s say you don’t want to set certain types of input [...]

HpS on FB Marketplaces #3 Nachtrag

Nocheinmal zur Aufgabenstellung: Es soll ersteinmal eine Facebook App erstellt werden, die eine Schnittstelle zum dynamischen Erstellen eines WebServices oder HpS bereitstellt (ebenfalls eine FB-App). Ein Vorschlag war es zb einen Babysitter Webservice zu erstellen, wobei der User das gewünschte Datum, Ort usw in einem Formular angibt, abschickt und damit die Daten dem Ersteller der [...]

HpS on Facebook Marketplaces Teil3

Nachdem ich es endlich geschafft hatte alles richtig zu installieren (–eclipse for java ee– , wtp plugin funktionierte nicht; –tomcat binary version– , windows installer version funktionierte nicht) und ich mich durch die von eclipse erstellten Klassen und files nach diesem Vorbild gewühlt hatte (der WebService wird nur auf Basis einer bereitgestellten Java-Klasse komplett automatisch [...]

HpS on Facebook Marketplace — Tuts & More

Since the first meeting with my advisors I accomplished several tutorials for refreshing and upgrading my knowledge about web services, facebook apps and the like. Here are a few links I looked through: Web Services: Web Services Tutorial WSDL Tutorial SOAP Tutorial SOAP Web Services mit JAX-WS XML / AJAX Tutorial Javascript Guide Javascript Tutorial [...]