Web services, things you should know – Part 4

This time I will present you the architecture of the Web serviice I deployed some weeks earlier using PHP and Zend Framework. I will not describe the whole architecture of the Zend Framework but of the application I wrote and give you an insight to create Web services with the Zend Framework. First of all [...]

Web services, things you should know – Part 3

During the last weeks I finished the service and it’s already online. A common requirement of projects are due-dates with a very short timeline. Another common side-effect is when such a project has been finished, no-one uses it. What are the reasons for putting developers under pressure to finish projects early when afterwards no-one will [...]

Shopper App | Show Purchases #12

A lot of techniques and principles comes together when it comes to load the current purchases from the webservice, display it in a user-friendly way on the smartphone and provide a navigation like ‘pagination’. On this screen the user has  the possibility to display the current purchases and the items of each purchase. Moreover the [...]

HpS on Facebook Marketplaces – Update

Since I wanted to dive more deeply into the axis2 framework I bought the book “Java Web Services mit Apache Axis2″ (which I should have done much earlier!). It helped me understand some things I didn’t really get so far. For example the manual deployment of a service into axis2 is really easy: provide the [...]

Purchase Management System (Praktikum/Bakkarbeit)

Hi my name is bernd, I am a student of Software Engineering and i will explain my idea of a bakk thesis / praktikum on which i am working for the next summer months. The idea is about to develop a distributed system which brings the opportunity to manage, and document purchases in a group, [...]