Welcome to the DSG

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About us:

The Distributed Systems Group (DSG) of the Information Systems Institute at the Technical University of Vienna conducts research and teaching in distributed computing and systems with particular emphasis on:

  • Foundations of service-oriented computing
  • Autonomic, complex, and context-aware computing
  • Cloud computing
  • Mobile and ubiquitous computing


  • Invited Talk by Prof Dustdar on Elastic Computing in London

    Link published on Dec, 15th 2014 by Whitehall Media.

  • Interview with Prof. Schahram Dustdar in Whitehall Media

    Interview published on Dec, 9th 2014 about Whitehall Media’s 7th Enterprise Cloud Computing and Virtualization conference. March 18th 2015.

  • Artikel: The Internet of Things Meets Cloud Computing in Smart Cities

    by Prof. Schahram Dustdar

    Article in "Bridges vol. 41, October 2014 / OpEds & Commentaries" OSTA, Washington DC

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