CELAR Research Areas

Research Areas

The Distributed Systems Group's Research Activities

Composable Cost Evaluation

We develop different cost models for fundamental elements, covering virtual machines, storage, I/O, and networks and for fundamental execution models. We breakdown application execution at runtime into different parts associated with cost models and determine costs based on monitoring data, application structures and resoure usage.

Resource, Cost and Quality Elasticity for Compute Resource

We take into account runtime compute resource capabilities and performance, application and system performance, and expected cost and quality. In our approach, application execution lifecycle can be slicedinto different steps and different decision making algorithms will be applied for different parts that deal with elasticity tradeoffs w.r.t. cost, quality, and resource.

Trade-offs for Resource, Cost and Quality Elasticity for Data Resources

We will build multi-dimensional elastic properties for data resources based on storage elasticity, data concerns and the concepts of data marketplaces. We develop algorithms to allow runtime decision making in data resource selection and provisioning for complex applications

Automatic Decision Making for Elastic Performance

We will utilize runtime quality, cost and resource information as well as predictive models for making automatic application refinements and execution based on different elastic trade-off models.